Man Yuen Restaurant • Saanha is full of vitality, with a team that is passionate and energized, constantly striving for excellence. They collaborate and work together with unity of purpose, committed to providing guests with a lively hospitality and a diverse dining experience.
The menu at Man Yuen Restaurant • Saanha, designed by Executive Chef Edmond Lam and renowned chefs from various backgrounds, features a selection of home-style delights and exquisite Cantonese cuisine that will make your Mouth watering. In addition to the delectable food, the restaurant's service team is attentive and thoughtful, ensuring that every customer enjoys a high-quality dining experience. Man Yuen Restaurant • Saanha is led by CK Poon, an award-winning Michelin-starred culinary director. The couplet inside the restaurant, "Steaming tea embodies warmth, skillful Cantonese cuisine satisfies all," aptly captures the essence and spirit of the restaurant. Man Yuen Restaurant is definitely a place worth visiting.
Executive Chef
Edmond has worked in several renowned restaurants, including Foo Ka Chinese Restaurant, MegaRed Chiuchow, and Hong Kong Jockey Club Jockey Club Moon Koon Restaurant. He accumulated rich culinary experience and skills, as well as won various awards and honors.
We look forward to Chef Edmond showcasing his strengths and bringing our guests an unforgettable gastronomic feast!
Operations Director
Among the many professionals in the food and beverage industry, most of you should be familiar with this Eurasian named CK Poon. From HotelIcon to Forum Restaurant 1977, he has always given his utmost effort, utilizing his rich work experience and creative thinking, to achieve impressive results for various companies. This time, he has the privilege of taking the helm at "Man Yuen Restaurant" and leading an elite team under the Lion Rock, filling with warmth, emotions, and flavors, adding another splendid chapter to this place.
Ma Yat Ming
Chef Siu Mei
With over 20 years of rich experience in roast meat, Chef Ma, the Chef Siu Mei at Man Yuen Restaurant, is highly skilled in the traditional art of Cantonese cuisine and roast meat. Over the years, he has worked at venues such as Island Tang, China Tang, and The St. Regis Hotels. He is sure to bring the unique traditions of Man YuenRestaurant’s Siu Mei to everyone under the Lion Rock.
So San Yuk
Chef Dim Sum
Entered the industry at the age of 18, with 26 years of extensive dim sum crafting experience. Formerly worked at restaurants such as Lei Garden, Jade Garden , and The Chinese Library. Constantly devoted to mastering the art of traditional Cantonese dim sum. Hopes to bring everyone a surprising and delightful dim sum experience through meticulously selected ingredients and unique techniques.
Restaurant Manager
Angus Chan, the restaurant manager at Man Yuen Restaurant, has been working in the food and beverage industry for nearly twelve years. He started his career as a captain at the Chalk, and later served as an assistant manager at the Hong Kong Jockey Club's Moon Koon Restaurant for six years.
Angus aims to meet the expectations of the restaurant's guests in terms of food quality, service, and taste.
Operation Manager
Patrick has 24 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, having held important positions at places like Hotelicon and Harbour Plaza Metropolis. He is currently dedicated to creating a Cantonese cuisine restaurant that is full of warmth, offering delicious dishes and a cozy dining environment, striving to ensure that every guest enjoys a wonderful dining experience.